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Our story really begins with us, but ultimately serves you, the customer. We wanted to create a t-shirt design and ordering process that we would enjoy: it had to be fast, easy, inexpensive, and fun. Realizing what we wanted from an online t-shirt print shop helped us develop a system that is sure to exceed your expectations (see how it ultimately worked out for you?). Overall, our team found five specific areas that we would expect in the custom t-shirt process, so we made these the foundation for weverx.com.


We knew that whatever the process included, it needed to be supported by superior customer service. We would want customer representatives who were personally familiar with the custom process, possessing knowledge of printing, embroidering and the online ordering process. We would want to be able to ask them any question, no question or concern would be too big or too small. So that’s what we did. weverx.com Customer representatives are ready to cover all the bases with every customer on every order.


We have experienced disappointment before: we had gone through the process of designing and ordering some custom item, excited about having something that is unique and impressive, only to be frustrated with the low quality item we received. We knew that with weverx.com we wanted high quality results, accurate and attractive apparel regardless of order size or time constraints.  We would have to gather a select group of decorators, use the latest printing and embroidery equipment, utilize the best materials available, and put it in the hands of experienced employees to achieve this level of quality. And we did, so much so that we guarantee great shirts and accurate orders at the most competitive prices.


Waiting is the worst, especially when you’ve got a deadline. We knew that our ideal custom tee experience would include fast production and fast shipping. We invested in advanced printing equipment and created a customer-centric environment to guarantee less stress for you. And we’re crazy about delivery times so you never find yourself camped out on your front porch, waiting for your order to arrive minutes before your special event. And did we mention we offer FREE shipping with every regular weverx.com purchase?


From the beginning, we had an itch to design our t-shirts ourselves, but had no idea how to do it.  So we created a way; we spent a bunch of time and energy developing a straightforward, intuitive online designer that makes t-shirt customization painless and pretty fun. Our design tools are full of the options and creative capabilities that you’ll need to create standout pieces of apparel.


Finally, we didn’t want to be forced to purchase 5,000 shirts to get a good deal. We wanted to get awesome custom t-shirts at reasonable prices without having to sink  money into mass quantities or compromising our design options. So we changed the way its done. Our investment in quality equipment and reliable new technology allows us to offer great pricing to every weverx.com customer.


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